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Ham Rong bridge Historical monuments from the time of war, the Ham Rong bridge 3km from Thanh Hoa city, the population landscapes – historical monuments of culture associated with glorious victories of the army and people of Thanh Hoa in the resistance war against America.

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Ham Rong Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Thanh Hoa Currently, the Ham Rong bridge has been built into cultural tourism destinations of Ham Rong, attached to the ancient village of Dong Son, Canh Tien Mountain, Mountain Jade, Tien Son cave, cave Dragon Eye, temple Tran Khat Chan, Le Uy, Phuc Tang pagoda and the historical cultures of Ham Rong – South Bank. Legend Fish Cam Thuy

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Legend Fish Cam Thuy Jade is located in the village, Cam Luong Cam Thuy district, fish streams Thuycach Cam Thanh Hoa city 70 km. With a length of over 100 meters of streams, thousands of fish clinging dense hides many legends, many mysterious stories are people here each transmission is intriguing, interesting for visiting the sites present Hon Trong Mai

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Hon Trong Mai Located in Sam Son town. Hon Trong Mai associated with the legend of faithful love between a daughter and a son. Here, the stones are creation of home placement, the largest island on the bottom like a bracket, a different island other tip is superimposed over a shape that looks like roosters. As a small island opposite other smaller as shown hens stream Hiêu

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stream Hiêu Hiêu famous stream can turn into stone trees. Located on the territory of the commune pharmacy tares nature reserve of Pu Luong. Scenery here is great with terraced fields along the banks of streams. Famous streams can turn into stone trees this spring not so large amounts of limestone and mineral water as calcified root system beneath the stream bed. Hiêu cool spring water in the summer but warm when winter comes. Recently, spring deer become tourist attractions both in and outside the country. Sam Son Beach

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Sam Son Beach 16km from the city of Thanh Hoa, Sam Son beach is located in Sam Son town. Sam Son coast 10 km long with sand flat. Sam Son Beach is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the north. Since several decades ago, the famous Sam Son beach with beautiful scenery and has many vacation villa was built on campus. With its beautiful landscapes, such as more relaxed, temple Single Charge, … Sam Son Tien Mountain is always choose not to be missed when visitors come to Thanh Hoa. Lam Kinh historical sites

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Lam Kinh historical sites Thanh Hoa City and 51 km to the west, into the territory Lam Xuan Kinh Lam, Tho Xuan district. The site was built in the reign of King Le Thai and also known as the Western Economics. To the Lake

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To the Lake To the famous lake is attached to Thanh Hoa. Each time mentioned Thanh Hoa landmarks first thought to be the home of Ho. Recognized as the cultural heritage of the world in 2011, into the Lake is building unique architecture in Vietnam with the exterior building stone, inside mostly covered with soil to form a squarish structure. To the lake is an attractive destination all domestic and foreign tourists to come to Thanh Hoa Ben En National Park

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Ben En National Park 46km from the city of Thanh Hoa, located on Hai Van commune, Nhu Thanh district. These are mountains, wide rivers 16,000 ha with plants and enable ecosystem diversity, abundance. Not too distant future, Ben En will become a large attraction of tourists.