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Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An Water Park is a complex that includes beach, extreme games area, family games area and kid’s area – suitable for every members of all ages in a family. If the extreme water games offer challenges for risk takers with the amazing Tornado, giant Boomerang, Super speed slide… then the more gentle and delightful lazy river, wave pool and Kids pool are for the whole family.

Tornado Slide

The slide is modelled after an 18 meters wide tornado. Riding on a buoy for 4 people, you will get the victorious feeling of conquering a giant tornado.

Giant Boomerang

The Giant Boomerang with a height of 55 meters for groups of 4 will bring you the extreme thrill of moving toward the cliff and then free falling down a waterfall.

Super Speed Slide

A 120 meters long slide of super speed, for all the young guests wanting a real challenge of bravery and boldness.

Multi-Lane Slide

The multi-lane slide includes 6 slides, 15 meters in height, suitable to warm up your exploration at the Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An Water Park.

Super Basin Slide

The super basin slide has a diameter of 18 meters, looks like a giant basin from above and will spin non-stop to test the will of daring players.

Spiral Slide

The spiral slide has 4 slides, 2 open and 2 closed, 12 meters tall and 120 meters long, twisting at each other and each bringing different feelings.

Kids Pool

The pool is especially designed for little guests with height ranging from 1 meter to 1.3 meter, it will be an interesting and delightful experience for your children.

Wave Pool

The wave pool, 32.75 square meters in size, is modeled like a clam with many different wave degrees like a mini ocean that will allow guests to have a great time immersing in cool, constantly changing waves.

Lazy River

Lazy river is an ideal spot for guests to relax after all the nerve-racking challenges and delightful laughter.

Opening hours

09:00 – 18:00

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