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Besides a variety of thrilling games, Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An also presents special art performances. Most of the art shows which are performed at Folk Island are cultural heritage of Vietnam certified by Unesco.

1. “SailingHome” – Performance that depict The Fest in Peaceful Vietnam

Time:10h30 – 11h00 | 16h30 – 17h00

Duration: 20 minutes

Venue: Culture Square

Inspired by the daily river life, "SaillingHome" tell a lively story of fishermen in the Middle of Vietnam with the music, props, and movement combined harmoniously on the boat, under the water and in the sky. 

Depicting a fest day in peaceful Vietnam, "SailingHome" is the warmest welcome and a hint of the cultural quintessence awaiting the travelers in the Island of Folk Culture.

With typical vibrant sound, the drumbeats signal the begin of a Vietnamese village festival. Behind the green shade of bamboo, the morning market gradually appears, full of fresh laughter from the labors.

After that is the picture of the fishing village where the fishermen are frantically preparing for the upcoming journey. They are gripping the oars, swinging on the net to steer the boat. The strong heat and wind of the North can not dull the optimistic attitude and endless love for life shown on their faces.

The journey with rough waves and strong wind ends, the fishermen comes back home, enjoy a peaceful time with their dear friends and family.

The performace is closed with the scene of a cheerful, jubilant festival celebrating a plentiful fishing trip.

Scene 1: Festival Opening Drumbeats

Scene 2: Peaceful Life

Scene 3: Fishing Village

Scene 4: Love

Scene 5: The Festival

2. 3D Mapping 

Time: 19:10- 19:25 Daily

Venue: Wishing Hill

3D Mapping is a fancy performance of sound, light and moving images that tell glorious fair tales reflecting proud 4000 years of Vietnam history.

3. Bai Choi Traditional Music

Bai Choi is a typical kind of traditional music and game in the Central Vietnam, developed to be a performance art on stage. In the 12th International World Heritage Convention of UNESCO hold at Jeju (2017), the case of Bai Choi art performance of Central Vietnam was recognized as mankind’s cultural heritage.

4. Musical Water Fountain Show

Time: 19:40- 20:00 daily

Venue: Adventure Land

Vinpearl Land is one of the first to bring Light and water musical show into its operation. The combination of music, rhythm, lights, water and fire creates a magical, full of brilliant colors stage.


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