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Besides a variety of thrilling games, Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An also presents special art performances. Most of the art shows which are performed at Folk Island are cultural heritage of Vietnam certified by Unesco.

1. Water Puppet Show

Water Puppet Show is an iconic art representing Vietnamese culture – A display of Vietnamese’s creativity and spirit.  Water Puppet Show is ranked as one of the most valuable art of Vietnam’s culture, rich with beauty and spiritual values.

2. Quan Ho Traditional Music

Quan Ho is one of the signature traditional music genre in the Red River Delta, North of Vietnam. Discovered and developed from the old culture of Kinh Bac, in 2009, in the 4th international World Heritage Convention of UNESCO, Quan Ho traditional music was recognized as a world cultural heritage just after Graceful traditional music of Hue Royal Palace, Gong culture of Tay Nguyen and at the same time with Tru traditional Music.

3. Don Ca Tai Tu Traditional music

Another popular traditional music genre of Vietnam, Don Ca Tai Tu was recognized as a cultural heritage by UNESCO and has a huge scale of influences in Vietnam, spreading across 21 provinces.

4. Bai Choi Traditional Music

Bai Choi is a typical kind of traditional music and game in the Central Vietnam, developed to be a performance art on stage. In the 12th International World Heritage Convention of UNESCO hold at Jeju (2017), the case of Bai Choi art performance of Central Vietnam was recognized as mankind’s cultural heritage.

5. Gong Culture of Tay Nguyen

The Gong Culture of Tay Nguyen was recognized by UNESCO as a folk masterpiece and cultural heritage in 2005, after Nha music of Hue Royal Palace, it is the second world’s culture heritage of Vietnam.

Currently, at places with Gong Culture like Tay Nguyen, Gong Festival is held annually as a meaningful act in preserving national ‘s cultural arts and at the same time is an attractive tourism hotspot.

6. Light and Water Musical Show

Vinpearl Land is one of the first to bring Light and water musical show into its operation. The combination of music, rhythm, lights, water and fire creates a magical, full of brilliant colors stage.







Adventure Land

Musical Water Fountain Show


19:15 – 19:35


Hill of Whishes

3D Mapping


20:00 – 20:15

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