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River Safari

Vinpearl River Safari – The very first and only wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam that offer exploration via river way. Instead of observing the wild animals from Tuk Tuk windows or jeep, coming to Vinpearl River Safari, guests will feel like touring the famed Amazon forest, witnessing exotic, rare species on the sides of the boat. River Safari nurtures over 39 wild species such as Bengal tigers, antelopes, kangaroos, rhinos, giraffes, zebras…Not only they are extremely well cared for and constantly under strict surveillance, animals at River Safari are also provided natural habitat that is unique to each species.

What’s greater than briefly seeing lions and Bengal tigers lurking right before your eyes, a herb of giraffes and antelopes lazily grazing on the green field, or flashy display of over 40 colorful parrots species… River Safari is the biggest scale wildlife riverside sanctuary in Vietnam. Enjoy the truest habitat of wildlife animals, it will surely leave deep impression.

Opening hours 

 9:30- 17:30

         Note: Last boat departs at 17:00

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