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Outdoor Entertainment

With 20 impressive games, some of them being limited production worldwide, the outdoor games sector of Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An will always be a must-visit destination for adventurous guests who are in for a good challenge.

Warm up with some of the lighter games like Amazing Race, Up In the Air, Helter Skelter, Flying Dragon. After that, engage in the coolest extreme games: Tree Swing, Upside Down, Super Chaos, Fast & Furious, Desert Twister, Sliding Down …

For younger guests or those who are into a softer, less adventurous experience, Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An also provides delightful and super romantic games: Bees in the Sky, Kiddie Swing, Choco Cup, Elephants in the Sky, Cinderella Carousel or Speed Race…

Furthermore, the outdoor sector would surely impress guests with the huge Water Music Stage with 2500 seats, where guests would be left in awe with splendid performances of music, water, fire and magical laser lighting.


Desert Twister

This game is the top favorite in just any amusement parks in the world. Come on board, fasten your safety belt and go on a high speed adventure. Scream from the top of your lungs as the cabin lunges, turns and speeds up into a double flip!

Tree Swing

Do you still remember the old swing from your childhood? One step on the “Tree Swing” at Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An, all your definition of a normal swing will definitely be changed for good! The Tree Swing will send you flying at the height of 12m with many different dropping points. Fly freely in the air like a bird, enjoy a full view of Binh Minh Ocean, but make sure you don’t forget your way home!

Fast & Furious

Enter the grand space adventure, challenge the speed of a storm on this one-of-a-kind Tourbillon rocket. We advise guests to not eat too much before you play, since we can not guarantee that after being flipped 360 degrees over, your organs would still be at their right place!

Swiss tower

This pulley will bring you and other players up to the dazzling height of 80m, then plunge you free fall into the air. Craziness can only get this far.

Kiddie Swing

This is a classic game for little guests as well as hopeless romantic girls and guys wanting to get lost in a fairytale or a Hollywood love story. Kiddie Swing is also an amazing spot for wedding pictures.

Choco Cup

Chairs are designed like giant cups, spinning our little guests straight into fairy land.

Up in the air

Let’s all shake, move and dance along the energizing sound of Disco. What can be more fun than dancing? Dancing in the air that is!

Sliding down

With these 8 colorful slide lanes from the height of 25m, you will definitely slide down in style. Thrilling and super refreshing!

Other outdoor games:

Amazing Race

Flying Dragon

Spinning Coaster

Cinderella Carousel

Elephants in the sky

Helter Skelter

Upside Down

Bees in the sky

Super Chaos

Lost Valley

Desert Twister

Opening hours

08:30 – 21:00

Additional Services

Snacks and beverages counter

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