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Island of Folk Culture

As the soul of Vinpearl Land Nam Hội An, Island of Folk Cultureis the must-visit for the travelers who always thirst for the local trademark of Vietnam traditional culture.

With the material and spiritual heritages recreated in Island of Folk Culture, the Vietnamese rich-culture life is portraited multifacetedly and originally. The exquisiteness crafted in each product by traditional village's artisans. The original beauty in ancient architecture. The grace of folk dance. The joyfulness and meaningfulness brought by local games.

Curating the specialty cuisine throughout three regions of Vietnam, the Island of Folk Culture is an ideal culinary adventure for any food lovers.

Village's Gate – The grace of the North Village

The nostalgia of an idyllic Vietnamese village is unfolded before the travelers walk in. Rows of green bamboo surround the gate made of laterite – which originally recreated the ancient gate of Duong Lam village. A well and a dike laid on one side of the gate while on the other is a 100-year-old spring tree dating back more than 100 years, the symbol of a typical Northern countryside.

Traditional Handicraft Village

Walking inside the wood gate, let's explore the traditional handicraft village of Vietnam

1. Do paper village

• Display and perform the handmade process of making Dó Paper

• Experience making Dó paper and buy high quality products from Dó paper

• Display and introduce the process of printing Dong Ho painting.

• Experience printing Dong Ho painting under the guidance of artisans.

2. Weaving Village

• See the process of breeding silkworm and experience different technique like reeling, spinning, weaving silk.

• See how the silkworms self-wove silk carpets.

• Shop for the hand-embroidered products.

More than that, travelers may visit the area displaying the process of distilling natural essential oils, learn how the artisan handmaking wicker and embroidered products& purchase these products her

Traditional House in 3 regions of Vietnam: North – Middle – South

The Northern Culture Space

Carved with complicated patterns, the Northern traditional wood houseis surrounded with a tea garden and a hill of palm tree which is a typical feature of the Northern Midland. On the walkway, the visitors will find the image that reminds the familiar fairytales named "The Golden Star Fruit Tree". 

When visiting the North House, don't miss the chance to explore the process of crafting gold and silver, sculpturing woodand shop for these handicraft products

Hue Cultural Space

The Hue House is familiar for Nha Ruong Architecture (a beam house) with gate, stone screen basin, 3 main room a supplementary section. Located beside the fruit garden while looking over a lotus lake, the Hue bring the fresh air to every visitors.

Here in the Hue Culture Space, you can find a private space displaying and introducing Trúc Chỉ – a Vietnamese contemporary paper art

Southern Cultural Space

The Southern traditional houseis constructed from 7 kinds of precious woods symboling for the seven ancestor generation of the family in the Đinh architecture which reflects the letter 丁in Chinese. The house overlooks the beautiful nature outside.

While visiting the Southern Cultural Space, don't forget to explore the Ceramic handicraft village with 2 Sa Dec brick kilns& experience making your own ceramic souvenirs.

Cultural space of ethnic minorities

•The  Gươl House of the Cơ Tu ethnic.

•Traditional Long house of the Ede.

Crafted Weaving Space

On the hill of the traditional houses, let's enjoy the brocade weaving of different ethnics in Vietnam

•   Chăm Weaving

•  Thái Đen Weaving

•   Brocade weaving of Cơ Tu

•   Linen weaving of H'mong.

The Quintesence Taste of Traditional Cuisine

The Island of Folk Culture is where all the specialty cuisine throughout Vietnam curated. Let's taste:

•   The green rice flake sold on the store besides The Handicraft Village. The fresh fragrant of lotus leaves still linger in the rice flake will bring back to you the memory of Northern childhood.

•  Village Market: A favorite spot of the food lovers where you will find a delicious meal made of organic ingredients. Don't miss the chance to taste bánh  bèo, bánh nậm, Quảng noodle and treat yourself a yummy dessert of tofu, sugarcane and strawberry mix

•  Quán Lá Restaurant: Under the shade of coconut leave cover, let's enjoy a tasty Vietnamese meal with various choice of fresh drinks.


“SailingHome” – Performance that depict The Fest in Peaceful Vietnam

Time: 10:30 – 11:00 & 16:30 – 17:00

Venue: Culture Square

Inspired by the daily river life, "SaillingHome" tell a lively story of fishermen in the Middle of Vietnam with the music, props, and movement combined harmoniously on the boat, under the water and in the sky. 

Depicting a fest day in peaceful Vietnam, "SailingHome" is the warmest welcome and a hint of the cultural quintessence awaiting the travelers in the Island of Folk Culture.

With typical vibrant sound, the drumbeats signal the begin of a Vietnamese village festival. Behind the green shade of bamboo, the morning market gradually appears, full of fresh laughter from the labors.

After that is the picture of the fishing village where the fishermen are frantically preparing for the upcoming journey. They are gripping the oars, swinging on the net to steer the boat. The strong heat and wind of the North can not dull the optimistic attitude and endless love for life shown on their faces.

The journey with rough waves and strong wind ends, the fishermen comes back home, enjoy a peaceful time with their dear friends and family.

The performace is closed with the scene of a cheerful, jubilant festival celebrating a plentiful fishing trip.

Scene 1: Festival Opening Drumbeats

Scene 2: Peaceful Life

Scene 3: Fishing Village

Scene 4: Love

Scene 5: The Festival

Community Art Space

Joining the Community Art Program at the Community Yard, the travelers can experience several cultural and art activities that promise an unforgettable memory in the Island of Folk Culture.

Time: 11:30-12:00 daily 

Venue: Community Yard

3D Mapping 

Time: Everyday at 19:10 – 19:25

Venue: Wishing Hill

3D Mapping is a fancy performance of sound, light and moving images that tell glorious fair tales reflecting proud 4000 years of Vietnam history.

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