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Indoor Entertainment

With a space of 2000 m2 , the indoor sector is designed as an energetic and colorful game world with plenty of options. The sector houses 95 electronic games and family games that are suitable for all ages: Basketball, Cubic, lucky warehouse, turtle puzzle… and many more new games: Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games – The Best of the best, Plants vs. Zombies – Whack ‘Em, Transformers – Human Alliance, Daytona 3 USA Championship…. Some of the favorite areas of this sector include :

2 5D Cinemas showing 5D blockbusters. Guests will not only watch but also feel the speed, temperature, smell and spectacular surrounding sound.

2 Fairy Tail Gardens with a space of 500 m2, the place where little boys and little girls can dress up as princesses and princes in a magical land with pumpkin ride, candy house …

Trampoline: Vinpearl land Nam Hoi An also devotes 500 m2 for the Trampoline House. Not only children, but parents will also love dancing, plunging into the air.

Interactive Dancing Playoke: Love dancing? Unafraid to show off your skills before an audience?  Take part in the Interactive Dancing Playoke and discover why the version at Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An is the most high tech of all the current interactive Audition dancing games.

Opening hours

08:30 – 21:00

Additional Services

Snacks and beverages counter

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